How to take care of your mink lashes? There are 4 simple rules for that!

How to take care of your mink lashes? There are 4 simple rules for that!

Reusable lashes are a blessing to those who frequently wear false eyelashes. With how expensive false lashes can be, it does not make sense to only buy single-use lashes and spend all that money on them for one night out. But the convenience of having reusable false lashes comes with a bit of maintenance to ensure that your lashes are well taken care of and retain their integrity for as long as you need them.
These mink lashes are able to last between 15 and 20 uses if you take care of them properly, making it crucial if you want to always look your best while getting the most out of their material as well.


Rule 1: Store them in the box they came in

When it comes to maintaining your lashes, you must first remember to always store them in the box they came in. If you leave them sitting out on your vanity, not only could they become dusty or dirty, they could also end up losing their shape if things accidentally knock into them, brush against them or flatten them. This will prevent you from achieving the look you want and will require extra work to get them back into the shape you desire.

Rule 2: Avoid mascara on the lashes

Mink lashes are designed to be naturally beautiful on their own. Each pair has already been enhanced to give you the look you are going for, meaning that there is no need for you to put mascara on the lashes to make them look darker. If you use mascara on these mink lashes, you run the risk of ruining their smooth, wispy nature. You could make the lashes clump up and stick together, in turn making them more brittle and susceptible to breakage over time, meaning you won't be able to use them for as long as you otherwise could.

Rule 3: Remove the lash glue from the band

After using these lashes, it is important that you thoroughly remove the lash glue from the bands. The bands are thin enough to stop them from showing too much when you are wearing them, but that also means that build-up of lash glue on the lashes may be easily seen when you wear them. This means there will be clumpy glue ruining your eye look. Not only this, but built-up, old lash glue may be uncomfortable and it may make putting on the lashes harder. The built-up glue can also ruin the integrity of the lashes, meaning they might not last for as long as they are designed to.

Rule 4: Handle your falsies with care

As a final tip, be sure to handle your lashes with care. This means being very gentle when you are touching and holding them and not accidentally bending them when you apply them to your eyes. Being rough could ruin their shape, or it could even end up pulling out some of the lashes, leaving unsightly gaps between the mink hairs.


Take care of your beautiful lashes to enjoy using them up to 20 times and getting the most out of your purchase by following these tips.